Friday, November 7, 2008

Bargain on a T Mobile Samsung T-519

If you're looking for a T-Mobile phone but don't want to spend a lot, you might want to take a look at this listing over at It's the only one I have. One of my kids upgraded his phone and viola!, I now have a phone for sale! Cheap!! Pre-owned but in very good condition, this phone is packed with features and looks good!

Come on in and check it out!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Insane bargains on brand names

Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, Buffalo, Gap, Tommy Hilfiger and more at insane prices! Some new, some used but for sure all bargains!

The posting has begun and sales start as low as $0.99!!!!!!!! There are no reserves and handling fees if any are low, low, low! Stop on in at and browse around! You never know what you will find!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Shoe Freak Sale

If you are a shoe freak like me, this might be the sale for you. I have begun to post some of the many shoes I have for sale. Starting with a pair of brand new ladies "BASS" sandals which are sure to sell for a steal and ending with a couple of shoe lots, all size 8's I'll be posting tomorrow (gotta go cheer on the CANES tonight! Goooooooooooooo Canes!) there are sure to be bargains galore.

I also a pair of brand new GUESS shoes going up for auction! These were purchased for myself a half-size too small (guess I was hoping my foot would shrink or get unswollen or something!) These are originally $99, my price is much less....check it out tomorrow

For all you purse lovers, I have some lots of handbags that are sure to be auctioned off at a bargain price and way below it's actual vaule. One of the lots contains at least 3 Tommy Hilfiger's!! These will be up by tomorrow as well....

And now for an update on the trombrone and guitar I have for sale. Unfortunately, after doing some more research I don't think it's going to be feasible to auction it off at a fair price for both myself and the buyer partly due to the very high shipping cost.

Okey dokey....that's it for the bargain report of the day....hope to see you all at

Thursday, August 21, 2008

And we're off!!!!!!!!!!

The bargains are here! Finally, the kids are back in school and life slowly returns to normal. I have time on my side again! And, with some great deals to share on many, many items, I am going to need time!

Check out this brand new "Angels" stretch jeans with embellished pockets that will rock your wardrobe! I also have a gorgeous pair of silver stud embellished jeans to die for!

PLUS....great deals on children's clothing

Like this 11 piece lot of pre-owned but in excellent condition of baby clothing! Size 2T and I have more in other sizes. 12 months, 3T, 4T and 5T coming up!

But wait there is more..........

I have some great handbags for just about any occasion. And with the holidays just around the corner, bags like this one will make your outfit pop!
Come take a peek at! You won't believe the savings on both time and money! And remember, "A happy customer is a happy me!" See you there!

Jeans and More!

Okey dokey folks, I'm back! Well somewhat anyhows! I have posted a few items and will posting up many more in the next few days. Unfortunately, lack of time continues to be an issue but fear not, there are many more money savings bargains coming your way. Just stay tuned and check in often to see what I post.

In the meantime, there are some items up for the girls! Hope you all like the items and the deals! See ya there!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bargains on Hold

Sorry folks for the lack of posts on items to buy but fear not...Summer is almost over and as soon as the kids get back to school on Monday...I am on it! Back to posting sales...please, please..stay tuned and thanks for your patience....

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Been sweating up a sale....

And I've been at it full time!

Sorry there haven't been any recent sales posted but I've been out and about hunting for bargains for both me and you!

I hope to have my inventory replenished by this weekend. The YAMAHA guitar and TROMBONE I've been mentioning will be up for SALE as well as a limited amount of clothes lots for baby, plus more!

Come save up to 75% off retail value for BRAND NAMES that you know at prices that add up to $$$MONEY$$$ IN YOUR POCKET!

Thanks and hope to see there!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Sale! Sale! Sale!

Sales aren't really fun unless you can get things at a hugh savings! And the clock is ticking on this one! Less than 24 Hours!!!! You just have to take a peek!

At Ridiculousshopper.Biz items of all kinds, women's clothing, men's clothing, shoes, jewelry, toys, maternity wear, household items, sporting goods, dive gear and more! All usually 60% to over 75% off RETAIL value!

Brand Names at Bargain Prices! Come read our FEEDBACK and see what other people are saying about our ridiculous savings. Some are simply amazed at the deals they have been able to score! "We offer champagne taste on a beer bugget!" What better SALE than that?

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Here we go again!

This time I've got stuff for you pregnant mamas too! Let's face it, maternity wear is for such a short period of time why spend lots of money on them? From time to time, I have some great deals on maternity clothes! This is one of those times! I got my hands on a few cute things and cheap too! I make you look like you spent more than you did! While I haven't posted all the items I have yet, keep an eye out for more great bargains in the next day or so.

For all you hip girls and mama's without babies on the way, I have great summer tops for you too! Totally trendy! Totally hot! Totally in! I got the deals!!! Spend a little, look like a fortune!

Finally for all you fitness ladies, I just posted a NIKE tennis dress...I've only got one! Your serve...
Next.....shoe bargains and an electric guitar!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Final Moments

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK!! Time is running out! Sales are coming to an end! LESS THAN 1 HOUR for some! Hurry....see what I've got...cause it isn't coming back!! Thanks!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What's in a name?

BRAND NAMES you say? Want them? Need them? Love them? Want them cheap? AHA! I have all of that and then some!

I have just posted an awesome pair of Men's authentic "CITIZENS OF HUMANITY" brand new jeans at an unbelievable price compared to the $224.oo retail price currently in major department stores! Come look, bet you won't believe it either! I only have the one pair, so if you are interested, you need to hurry on in! I am sure they aren't going to last. They simply can't, it's too fantastic a deal!


LADIES!! LADIES!! I am in the process of posting some JUICY COUTURE items and all kinds of other bargains are listed now as well as in the days to come. The prices? Ridiculous of course!

Take a quick peek!!! You have nothing to lose and LOTS OF MONEY TO SAVE!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Do You Scuba?

Summer's here and all you scuba fans are getting your fins, masks and spear guns ready to hit the water! Before you go, come check out this dive equipment auction. You won't believe how ridiculously low this auction starts at! The euipment is used and sold "AS IS" but in very good condition. Definitely worth a peek! See ya there!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

The Sale is On!

Calling all bargain lovers! I've done it again! I've got more deals. Looking to play dress up? Have a special occassion and nothing to wear? Need some cute summery tops? Bored with your current wardrobe? I've got it all covered.

I try to take some of the work out of your shopping by not only having great prices but pairing up items to make for complete looks! Imagine how exciting it is to have your own personal shopper/stylist. Way cool and half the work to look fabulous! Are you in?

Come take a look at this beautiful red dress which has been paired with a stunning necklace and is perfect for any formal occassion you may have! Also keep cool and look pretty with a trendy tube or halter top and matching accessory. Or, wear this gorgeous green, black and white summer dress out on a date, to dinner or even dancing!

www.ridiculousshopper offers a variety of brand names, current styles, trends, fashions and lots of savings! With a 100% positive feedback from my customers you can rest assured what you see is what. No surprises! So come on in and shop til u drop!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Okey dokey folks! Here we go again. Just had to let you know! I've been out hunting. And I have bargains! It's summer time and the colors are blooming on my site. Yellow, pink, blue! All the colors of the rainbow and more! Listen up ladies! I've got the latest trends and styles. The cutest halter tops ever and some great accessories to boot!

GUYS????? I didn't forget you!! I've got stuff for men too!! On sale now, BRAND NAME jeans and polos. Also look for some diving equipment coming up for sale at soon!

Hope to see you all stopping in and checking me out. You just never know what kind of deals and steals I will come up with. It's mostly a surprise and always at a ridiculous savings!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Jeans! Jeans! and More Jeans!

Here it is! A jean explosion! I've got BRAND NAME JEANS! There are long jeans, boot cut jeans, jean shorts and more! You gotta check it out. They start at $0.99!! Yes! $0.99!

Jeans are just some of the fantastic items currently posted. Over the next few weeks I will be having lots more MONEY SAVING SALES! There will be all kinds of stuff including brand names, new items, used items and then some. Nothing but SAVINGS for sure! A great way to put some spare change into YOUR pocket!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Money Blogs

Okey dokey. I hear MONEY is the subject that makes the best blogging. And that's great because I'm all about a bargain! I love to shop for bargains and I love to pass them on! Why not? We're all looking to save a buck. With the prices of gas going skyrocket high we have to find ways to save as much money as we can, when we can and where we can.

If you are patient and regularly check me out in the upcoming weeks, you are going to be seeing some awesome buys. I've got lots of inventory to turn around! My loss is certainly going to be your gain. From sporting goods to clothes, shoes, jewelry,toys and more, this place is sure to be filled with all kinds of deals!

Just today I posted an entire lot of fast food restaurant toys I have been collecting for over 15 years! If you collect these, you really have to at least peek. There are some valuable ones in the lot for sure. I've also got some fantastic Ralph Lauren Men's Polo Shirts for sale at a steal! Lots of my NEW items post for less than 75% of the retail price! Talk about SAVING MONEY!

So hurrah for blogs and our ability to share the secrets of how to make and save MONEY.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Do I hear SALE???

A-yup! Finally, I've got some new stuff for sale! Yeeepppeeee!! I love shopping! The deals I find without a doubt qualify as bargains. Check it out! Starting tomorrow at 7 am (EST) and running through the end of the next week, there will be all kinds of items up for your viewing!

Please be patient and check back regularly as time has been a factor in getting things posted as of late. I can promise you some "steals" that will be worth your time! The savings in gas alone is enough to make you jump for joy when you realize it was part of the purchase price and not extra since the items get delivered to your door! Gotta love it! Savings galore!

So come on in bright and early and see what's new.....

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Where have all the bargains gone....

It seems like Ridiculousshopper is shopped out, but i'm not, I've just been short for time. Please be sure to keep coming back as I will be posting some new items over the next few days. There are sure to be lots of great deals as always!

Beyond the usual clothes, I will be posting some other fantastic stuff like a microscope kit, a paint easel with paints! and more! more! more!

Now off to list I go......

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open 24 Hours

Sometimes, the ridiculously low prices I post my stuff at even scares me. I go as low as I can go. 75% off retail most times. Really. The word BARGAIN really means something around here.

Wondering how can I make money? Well, I really don't and that's where you get your deal. I make pennies. Really. It's not about making the money so much as it is about serving my addicition to shopping.

If you take a close look at my auctions you will notice the savings is incredible. With a reserve price less than half the retail price, how can anyone go wrong? From time to time I also have free items that go into the bids just my way of saying THANKS! And the best part??? I'm open 24 HOURS!!!!

Come take a look at what shows up around here. It can be anything. From clothes to shoes to housewares, sporting goods and more, a deal is always to be found at

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Friday's are the start of something special round here...

Friday's right around the corner and so are a lot of BRAND NEW bargains at Ridiculousshopper.Biz. Get ready to shop! Tomorrow I will be posting some great deals first thing in the morning and then MORE in the afternoon.

I've been working my fingers to the bone in order to offer up spectacular sales. From baby clothes to BBQ supplies! You've got to check it out. I've got a bit of this and a bit of that all adding up to huge SAVINGS, SAVINGS, SAVINGS! And who doesn't like savings? Especially substancial ones?
I've even managed to include some free stuff. REALLY! Free! Some of my auctions include a little something meant to futher compliment and enhance your purchase! My way of saying thanks and come on back.
Friday's is the day to bargain shop! Every Friday I will post new and exciting items for bidding, Be sure to mark your calendars and check it out. Now let the shopping begin....

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why is it so hard to find...

good prices for things we want but can't afford? I ask myself this every time I set out to bargain hunt. It seems to be getting harder and harder. But a-diggin I will go. And dig I did today, I dug so long when I looked up it had been over 3 hours since I had begun my hunt! My stomach was complaining "Are you nuts? I need to eat! Feed me! Stop the hunt!"

Of course, my stomach won over all the great deals I knew I could continue to dig up. But have no fear, I came up with enough to share...

I will be posting up some XL sixed workout clothes for all you fitness minded ladies! I think you will be pleased. As for the rest of you all, stay tuned, you just never know what is going to be poping up around here. For starters I have a TROMBONE in excellent condition I plan to post soon. I also have bikinis. In lots and not. I've got home goods and more!

Enough bargains to make me spin without moving one step! Come get crazy with me in the next few days and save, save, save....thank you.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Brand Names at Bargain Prices!

Who doesn't like saving a buck? Getting a deal? I know I do. I'm sure you do too. Especially with things the way they are these days. Gas, time, energy. Who has any to spare? Shopping online is one way to save and help the planet and your pockets stay green! Check me out here on eBay or at for some real steals! Besides a spectacular buy, you'll get customer service with a smile and always an honest seller.

Coming soon...One of a kind....

Aha! A moment of silence please....seems Mother's Day is right around the corner and it's time to contemplate.Time to decide, how many, how much, with what time???Tap, tap the fingers drum,where to shop, what to buy?Everywhere you turn it's more of the same.Nothing stands out, nothing calls your name.Something different, unique, ONE OF A KIND sure would be nice to find and so here you are reading my blog and sure to wonder what am I rambling on about?Well check it out, I might just have a ONE OF A KIND gift for the mom in your life coming soon to RidiculousShopper.Biz. If what you are looking for is something that will last beyond Mother's Day, something that will always bring a memory back and something that is sure to keep giving for many more days than just one, then by all means, this one's for you.I will be posting 3 ONE OF A KIND basket's in the next couple of days or so.These items are beautifully done with many surprises for Mom!I've been making baskets for years and have had much success because they are ONE OF A KIND!!!!!! So remember to come on in and see what I mean...

Too early for coats...

Summer's here! and selling coats or jackets of any wintery kind at this time of year turned out to be a ridiculous idea.Who knew?, I tried auctioning a couple of outwear items only to have them go unsold.RIDICULOUS!!Maybe it's just me, but I thought this time of year might just be a GREAT TIME to buy some winter clothing.Good deals if you shop off season for outerwear and all that yada, yada.And then as I sit here by the wondow, I find myself thinking "you dummy!".If the day is as beautiful elsewhere as it is here,who's going to even this about being cold!Buying such items!So I guess I'm going to store the coat and the jacket until about fall time and see what happens.In the meantime,if you want a man's leather trench coat or a ladies outerwear jacket,let me know,I'll dig itout again.And when the fall approaches this year and you put it on, you will be very happy that you already have something new to wear and at quite a bargain!Now off I go to find more treasures to share.

Honesty is the best policy

if you ask me, being an honest e-bay seller or buyer is important in the scheme of things round here.I find myself working to build an honest website with ridiculously low prices for things like homegoods, sporting goods, clothing and accessories.And, in all honesty I am finding that some people are as honest as I am and aim to offer a fair price.Music to my ears!I hope to build a place where not only do you never know what deals you are going to find but you can rest assured it's legit.I hope to see you all round here soon fellow ebayers.

Champagne taste on a beer budget sucks..

Who doesn't love champagne.The spice of life?Living la vida loca?Going at it large is awesome until the cash flow runs low and we gotta make some "adjustments".Buying clothes and accessories has gotten way to expensive at some stores.So off to bargin hunt I go.I don't think I've dug this deep for deals in a VERY LONG time!I love it though.Crazy as it seems I LOVE doing what I am doing.Everyone I know thinks I should keep some of the things I post around here.But if I did, when would I get to find some more gems and after a while where would I keep them all? Besides, I'm having so much fun.
Finding clothes for everyday wear at an affordable price can be a challenge.Then add in things like belts and jewelry and before you know it you've spent more money for one outfit than if you had spent the money on a mixed lot of brand name stuff here.
Lately, I read about other "champagne loving beer budgeting" folks like myself who are opting to rent items instead of purchasing them outright in an attempt to save themselves money.No doubt this works in the short term.But in the long run when we own our own clothes, shoes and homegoods we are richer than if we rent.In many cases, the tangibles we own have some re-sale value.I sell mixed lots of used clothes in excellent condition!A second life for clothes that are almost new!Who needs to rent when you can own?Gotta love it!
Besides, who said you can't have high end clothes, shoes, accessories and so many other things on a budget?Visit me often and I'll show you how far your dollars can go and noone will even know you didn't pay what it is worth!