Friday, May 2, 2008

Too early for coats...

Summer's here! and selling coats or jackets of any wintery kind at this time of year turned out to be a ridiculous idea.Who knew?, I tried auctioning a couple of outwear items only to have them go unsold.RIDICULOUS!!Maybe it's just me, but I thought this time of year might just be a GREAT TIME to buy some winter clothing.Good deals if you shop off season for outerwear and all that yada, yada.And then as I sit here by the wondow, I find myself thinking "you dummy!".If the day is as beautiful elsewhere as it is here,who's going to even this about being cold!Buying such items!So I guess I'm going to store the coat and the jacket until about fall time and see what happens.In the meantime,if you want a man's leather trench coat or a ladies outerwear jacket,let me know,I'll dig itout again.And when the fall approaches this year and you put it on, you will be very happy that you already have something new to wear and at quite a bargain!Now off I go to find more treasures to share.

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