Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Open 24 Hours

Sometimes, the ridiculously low prices I post my stuff at even scares me. I go as low as I can go. 75% off retail most times. Really. The word BARGAIN really means something around here.

Wondering how can I make money? Well, I really don't and that's where you get your deal. I make pennies. Really. It's not about making the money so much as it is about serving my addicition to shopping.

If you take a close look at my auctions you will notice the savings is incredible. With a reserve price less than half the retail price, how can anyone go wrong? From time to time I also have free items that go into the bids just my way of saying THANKS! And the best part??? I'm open 24 HOURS!!!!

Come take a look at what shows up around here. It can be anything. From clothes to shoes to housewares, sporting goods and more, a deal is always to be found at

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