Saturday, June 14, 2008

Money Blogs

Okey dokey. I hear MONEY is the subject that makes the best blogging. And that's great because I'm all about a bargain! I love to shop for bargains and I love to pass them on! Why not? We're all looking to save a buck. With the prices of gas going skyrocket high we have to find ways to save as much money as we can, when we can and where we can.

If you are patient and regularly check me out in the upcoming weeks, you are going to be seeing some awesome buys. I've got lots of inventory to turn around! My loss is certainly going to be your gain. From sporting goods to clothes, shoes, jewelry,toys and more, this place is sure to be filled with all kinds of deals!

Just today I posted an entire lot of fast food restaurant toys I have been collecting for over 15 years! If you collect these, you really have to at least peek. There are some valuable ones in the lot for sure. I've also got some fantastic Ralph Lauren Men's Polo Shirts for sale at a steal! Lots of my NEW items post for less than 75% of the retail price! Talk about SAVING MONEY!

So hurrah for blogs and our ability to share the secrets of how to make and save MONEY.

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Hanifa K. Cook said...

hi, it's good you write on shopping for bargains. I have been wondering where the bargain hunters are on the internet. I found one here. excellent.