Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Why is it so hard to find...

good prices for things we want but can't afford? I ask myself this every time I set out to bargain hunt. It seems to be getting harder and harder. But a-diggin I will go. And dig I did today, I dug so long when I looked up it had been over 3 hours since I had begun my hunt! My stomach was complaining "Are you nuts? I need to eat! Feed me! Stop the hunt!"

Of course, my stomach won over all the great deals I knew I could continue to dig up. But have no fear, I came up with enough to share...

I will be posting up some XL sixed workout clothes for all you fitness minded ladies! I think you will be pleased. As for the rest of you all, stay tuned, you just never know what is going to be poping up around here. For starters I have a TROMBONE in excellent condition I plan to post soon. I also have bikinis. In lots and not. I've got home goods and more!

Enough bargains to make me spin without moving one step! Come get crazy with me in the next few days and save, save, save....thank you.

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