Friday, May 2, 2008

Champagne taste on a beer budget sucks..

Who doesn't love champagne.The spice of life?Living la vida loca?Going at it large is awesome until the cash flow runs low and we gotta make some "adjustments".Buying clothes and accessories has gotten way to expensive at some stores.So off to bargin hunt I go.I don't think I've dug this deep for deals in a VERY LONG time!I love it though.Crazy as it seems I LOVE doing what I am doing.Everyone I know thinks I should keep some of the things I post around here.But if I did, when would I get to find some more gems and after a while where would I keep them all? Besides, I'm having so much fun.
Finding clothes for everyday wear at an affordable price can be a challenge.Then add in things like belts and jewelry and before you know it you've spent more money for one outfit than if you had spent the money on a mixed lot of brand name stuff here.
Lately, I read about other "champagne loving beer budgeting" folks like myself who are opting to rent items instead of purchasing them outright in an attempt to save themselves money.No doubt this works in the short term.But in the long run when we own our own clothes, shoes and homegoods we are richer than if we rent.In many cases, the tangibles we own have some re-sale value.I sell mixed lots of used clothes in excellent condition!A second life for clothes that are almost new!Who needs to rent when you can own?Gotta love it!
Besides, who said you can't have high end clothes, shoes, accessories and so many other things on a budget?Visit me often and I'll show you how far your dollars can go and noone will even know you didn't pay what it is worth!

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